A hot water heater that functions properly is a basic need for a comfortable, healthy home or business. If yours ever stops functioning, we’re ready to send an Albuquerque plumber to your location to restore its function. Our technicians are well-trained, professional and courteous and aim to return your home to healthy comfort as soon as possible.

Signs of Water Heater Problems

If you see or hear any of the following signs, you should call us for an inspection and estimate of repair or replacement:

  • Water running lukewarm or even cool
  • Shortage of hot water
  • Any visible signs of corrosion
  • Hot water heater is leaking
  • Rusty hot water
  • Rumbling or banging sounds

Hot Water Heater Repair

If you are seeing any of the above signs of malfunction in your hot water heater, call us for an inspection and diagnosis of the cause. We will send our technicians out with the right equipment to do inspections and most common repairs so we can have you up and running as soon as possible.

Hot Water Heater Installation

Is your hot water heater nearing the end of its natural life? If it has been ten years or more since it was installed, an inspection to determine if it should be repaired or replaced is appropriate.If it is not operating properly and it can just be repaired, we will tell you. We will not try to sell you a new hot water heater if you don’t need one. However, when a hot water heater gets to a decade of use, it’s very often cheaper to replace it than to keep up with repeated repairs.We can also install tankless water heaters which can provide significant savings on energy costs because hot water is only produced when it is needed.

Regular Hot Water Heater Maintenance Is Vital

Do you know the proper schedule for maintenance of your hot water heater? Most households should flush their water tanks at least once a year. If there are several people in the household, it should be done more often. Flushing involves turning off the gas or power to the water heater. Contact Rocketman Plumbing in Albuquerque for all of your hot water heater repair or installation needs.

Hot Water Heater Repair Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my water heater last?

When it comes to your home’s water heater, you want it to last as long as possible. If you’re wondering how long your water heater should last, the answer can vary depending on a few things. The type of water heater you own, the amount of maintenance it receives, and the water quality in the area you live are all factors that affect your water heater’s lifespan. On average, a traditional tank water heater will last about 8-12 years with proper maintenance. Tankless heaters tend to have a longer lifespan and can last around 12-15 years before they need to be replaced. There are a few simple steps you can follow to help increase the longevity of your water heater such as draining it about once a year and removing any sediment build-up. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for leaks and corrosion on your water heater because these need to be handled promptly to avoid costly repairs down the road. Ultimately, if your water heater is properly cared for, then you should be able to enjoy hot water in your home for many years to come.

A knocking sound coming from your water heater may seem like a cause for concern, but it likely just means that the minerals in the hard water are building up and creating sediment at the bottom of the tank. As the hot water is cycled through, those sediments are bounced against the sides of the tank, creating a banging or knocking sound. If this is the case with your water heater, you do not need to worry. This can be fixed by scheduling routine maintenance to drain the water from your water heater, which will flush out the sediment. Doing so will help you maintain an efficient and safe water heater for your home or business. Not only will this help reduce any noise coming from your tank, but it may even prevent bigger issues that can arise from having too much sediment in your system. However, if you find that the noise is accompanied by any other signs of trouble such as leaking or failure to heat water, it may indicate that there are more serious issues at play, and it could be time for an inspection from a qualified plumber.

If you notice a bad smell coming from your water heater, you may be worried that something is wrong with your appliance. While the smell can be unpleasant, it’s not usually a cause for concern. Your water heater most likely has a bad smell due to bacteria growing in the tank. When bacteria grows inside of the water heater tank, it can create a sulfur or “rotten egg” smell that you might notice when you turn on your hot water. A little bit of this bacteria isn’t necessarily dangerous, but lack of water heater maintenance can cause the bacteria to multiply and create bad odors. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to fix. If you feel comfortable performing water heater maintenance on your own, all you have to do is flush the tank out at least once per year. This involves draining the water currently in your tank and essentially rinsing it out with fresh water or a solution of water and vinegar. If you don’t know the last time your water heater was flushed, we recommend you call Rocketman to handle the maintenance for you as we can recognize and handle any potential problems right away to keep your water heater running smoothly.

Your water heater is an essential appliance, so if it stops working, you’ll want to get it fixed right away. Most homeowners don’t always plan ahead for the cost of water heater repairs, but it’s a good idea to consider. In general, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $700 for a water heater repair depending on the type of water heater you have. Electric tank water heaters are generally the cheapest to repair at an average of $100 to $300. Gas water heaters can cost anywhere between $50 to $600 on average, depending on which parts need to be replaced. And tankless water heaters are generally the most expensive to repair at an average of $300 to $1,300. In addition to the cost of the materials to repair your water heater, you also have to consider the cost of your plumber’s time, which can be anywhere from $45 to $200 per hour depending on your location and who you call. If your water heater is over 10 years old and/or hasn’t been properly maintained, you should also be prepared to replace it instead of repair it. It is usually best to replace it at that age. Our technicians at Rocketman Plumbing can advise you on whether your water heater will be cheaper to repair or replace so you can make the best decision for your home.

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, damaged, or inefficient, you should consider investing in a new one. This is especially true if you notice leaks around your water heater or that your water simply isn’t getting hot enough or staying hot long enough for your needs. The cost of a new water heater will depend on what type you get. The national average cost is about $1,250 for a water heater tank plus installation. In general, the cheapest water heaters are electric, which cost anywhere from $400 to $1,600 depending on the size. Gas water heaters cost anywhere from $600 to $2,700 on average. Tankless water heaters are the most expensive as they tend to cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. You’ll also have to consider the cost of your plumber’s time, which can range from $45 to $200 per hour depending on where you live. If you want to know what type of water heater is best for your needs and how much it will cost to purchase and have it installed, call Rocketman for an estimate.

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