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Your faucets are necessary for a lot of different household activities. You need them to work properly in order to do dishes, take a shower, water your plants, and so on. When your faucets aren’t working, it can make taking care of your home and family more difficult.

If you need faucets replaced, call Rocketman Plumbing. Our expert technicians have the tools and skills to repair and replace leaky or broken faucets in no time. Call us to schedule an inspection, and we’ll handle the rest.

Signs Your Faucets Need to Be Replaced

There are a few common indicators you can look out for to know if your faucets need to be replaced, such as:

Constant dripping

If your faucet is constantly dripping or leaking, even when the handle is turned all the way off, it could mean you need to get a replacement. It’s possible that adjusting the water pressure or tightening the valves in your faucet could solve this problem. But if those repairs don’t work, it’s likely that your faucet valves are broken and you need a replacement system.

Leaking around the faucet

Your faucet can leak from the spigot itself, but it can also leak from the handles and the base. A leaking faucet can lead to mold and water damage if left untreated, so it’s important to get it taken care of fast. It may be that the connection to your water supply is loose and tightening it will solve the problem. But often, it’s necessary to replace the entire faucet with a new one.

Built-up rust or mineral deposits

Rust and mineral deposits can wear away at your metal faucet and damage its inner workings through corrosion. When this happens, it’s likely that your faucet will start to leak. You should always try to keep your faucets clean to help them last longer. But if your faucets already have a buildup of rust or mineral deposits, you should get them replaced to keep your water safe and clean.

Broken handles

If your faucet’s handles are squeaking, spinning in place, over-extending, or otherwise seem old and worn down, it’s time to get a new faucet. This means that interior parts of your faucet are worn out and your faucet may soon become unusable.

Sputtering water or low water pressure

If the water coming out of your faucet is low pressure, or if it comes out in fits and spurts and not a steady stream, it’s a sign that there’s something broken that needs to be replaced. It’s possible there is damage inside your faucet such as corrosion, mineral buildup, or cracks that are interrupting the water flow.

If you notice any of these issues with your faucets, call us right away. We can inspect the faucets to see if a simple repair will solve the problem; if they need to be replaced, we can handle that for you right away. Just call Rocketman Plumbing for a service call.

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Faucet Replacement Services Frequently Asked Questions

The lifespan of a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom will vary depending on the type, quality, and amount of use it gets. In general, a faucet should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years with standard use. However, if you have a high-quality metal faucet that is used only occasionally, it could last 25 years or more. But if you have an inexpensive faucet used frequently in an area with hard water, it won’t last nearly as long. If your faucet has started to show signs of malfunction such as slow water flow, leaking, or an odd spray pattern, it could be an indicator that it’s time to install a new faucet. Also, if you notice corrosion in any of the exposed surfaces of your faucet, this is another big sign that it is getting old and you should get it replaced with a newer one. If your faucets are old, leaky, or corroded and you want new ones installed, give Rocketman Plumbing a call at 505-243-1227. We’ll help you get brand new faucets installed in your kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else you need in a flash.

Yes, a leaking faucet can absolutely raise your water bill. You may not think that’s possible because it’s only a few drops coming out every few seconds, but those drops can add up. In fact, depending on just how many drips are coming out of your faucet per minute, that simple leak could be costing you anywhere from 1-5 gallons of water per day. Over time, that will add up—and you’ll notice it when your water bill spikes. The good news is that you don’t have to start saving up money for the water company. All you need to do is call Rocketman Plumbing at 505-243-1227. Our skilled technicians will come out to your home or business in a flash to fix the leaking faucet. We can inspect it to find out what is causing the leak and handle it once and for all. And if your faucet is simply broken, we can replace it right away so you don’t waste any more water. If your faucets are over 15 years old, it might be time to replace them anyway, so give us a call!

If you feel confident in your ability to look up and follow directions on the internet, you probably don’t need a plumber to replace your faucet. However, most people don’t have the time or the patience to handle a faucet replacement on their own. Plus, if you’ve ever seen DIY projects that made you stop and say, “Oh no,” then just imagine what your kitchen or bathroom sink might look like if you try to replace your faucets when you don’t know what you’re doing. In our opinion, it’s much simpler, faster, and cheaper to leave faucet installations to professional plumbers. Our team at Rocketman Plumbing already has the tools, knowledge, and experience to swap out any of your old faucets for shiny new ones. Plus, we’ll be able to tell you if we spot something wrong with your plumbing that you might not be looking for. So if you have the time and money to spend on learning how to replace your own faucets, you may be able to do it on your own. But if you want your faucets installed right the first time, call us at 505-243-1227 and we’ll be there in a flash.

The process of removing an old faucet and installing a new one isn’t overly complicated, although it will usually require some time. A professional plumber may need anywhere between thirty minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the difficulty of the job. If it’s a simple faucet, it won’t take very long. But if you’re installing a fancier type of faucet, like a kitchen faucet with an extendable hose, it might take a little more time. To start, the plumber will need to turn off the water valves and make sure all excess water is drained from your faucet. After that, then we use our tools to detach the faucet from its base. Once detached, we’ll need to clean off any plumbing tape left behind on your sink so the new faucet can fit properly. Then we put your new faucet in place and attach it securely to your sink. Lastly, we’ll make sure the pipes are properly connected, turn on the water valves, and make sure everything is working properly. The last thing we’ll do is clean up the work area and give you any information you need to know about your new faucet. If you want new faucets installed right, call Rocketman Plumbing at 505-243-1227 and we’ll get it done in a flash.

The cost of your faucet replacement will vary depending on several different factors. First, is it just one faucet you want replaced, or several? Getting just one faucet replaced will obviously be cheaper than replacing a bunch of them in your home or business. Second, what type of faucet are you looking to replace your old ones with? If you just want a standard kitchen or bathroom faucet, it will be cheaper than one of the more high-quality or high-tech faucets you can get on the market today. In general, faucet replacement is not very expensive. You can usually expect to pay anywhere from $160 – $300 for indoor faucet replacement and a little less for outdoor faucets. Give us a call today and we’ll handle your faucet replacement for you in a flash.

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