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Understanding How Your Toilet Works

It’s important to understand how your toilet works in order to figure out what part of it is not working properly. Your toilet’s tank has several parts that all work together to flush waste into the pipes and refill the toilet with clean water.

  • The handle is attached to a lever and chain inside your toilet tank. When you flush the toilet, it lifts the chain.
  • This chain is connected to a flapper or stopper that keeps your flush valve covered.
  • When the flapper lifts off the flush valve, the water in the tank empties out into the toilet bowl.
  • The speed and pressure of the incoming water pushes the waste down and flushes it away into your pipes.
  • When the tank is empty, the flapper covers the flush valve again and your tank refills with clean water.

Common Toilet Problems

There are several common issues that can cause your toilet to stop working properly. Some of these you may be able to fix on your own, but you can always call us to get fast, expert repairs done right the first time.

  • The water in the tank is constantly filling The flapper in your tank may not securely cover the flush valve, so the water in the tank will keep leaking down into the bowl and make the tank constantly refill. You may need a new flapper or an entirely new flush valve assembly.
  • The toilet is leaking You could have leaks where the water supply connects to your toilet, where the tank connects to the bowl, underneath your toilet, or at the water supply valve. Any of these connections may need to be tightened, or your supply line may need to be replaced.
  • You have a clog If your toilet is clogged, you can try using a plunger to clear it. If that doesn’t clear it up, you may have a clog deeper in your pipes that needs a professional fix.
  • The toilet won’t flush, or won’t flush completely The water level in your tank may not be high enough to completely flush away the waste. This can be adjusted to allow the tank to fill up more by following the manufacturer’s instructions for your toilet model.
  • The handle is loose or doesn’t come back up after you flush Your flush valve assembly or any one part of it may need to be replaced. This could be the handle, the lever, the chain, or the flapper that covers your flush valve.

These are a few common issues that you may have with your toilet. Our technicians at Rocketman Plumbing can handle all of these issues and get your toilet running properly again.

When You Might Need to Replace Your Toilet

In general, your toilet should work well for about 25 years. Many people don’t actually know how old their toilet is, but there are a few signs you can look out for to know when you might need to get it replaced.

  • Cracks in the bowl or tank, which can break and flood your bathroom
  • Frequent clogging, which can happen in older toilets
  • It needs frequent repairs that would cost more time and money than simply replacing the toilet

You may also want to replace your toilet to upgrade to a low-flush design. Older toilets need between three and five gallons of water for a single flush, whereas newer ones can get the job done with about two gallons of water. Over time, the switch to a low-flush toilet can save you money on your water bill.

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Toilet Repair and Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove my own toilet?

If you’re looking to replace your old toilet with a new one, you might be considering handling it on your own. While you can remove a toilet on your own if you are able to follow instructions and if you have the right tools, we honestly recommend you call a professional to handle replacing your toilet for you instead. Not only will our expert technicians be able to get the job done fast, but we know how to do it right. Our plumbers know how to remove your old toilet properly without soaking your bathroom in toilet water, and we know how to hook your new toilet up properly. Plus, when you hire a professional, we can take care of any problems that arise right away. If you want to do it yourself, you can, of course; but we recommend you call Rocketman Plumbing instead. We’ll come out to your home or business to switch out your old toilet for a new one. Call us at (505) 243-1227 today and one of our experts will be there to take care of your toilet in a flash.

If your toilet won’t stop running, you may be able to handle it on your own. The most common reason toilets run is due to a faulty flapper, which you can buy at any hardware store. To replace the flapper, first locate the water valve (usually on the wall right behind the toilet) and shut off the water to the toilet by turning the valve clockwise. Then flush the toilet to empty out all of the water in it. Next, take off the tank lid and replace the old flapper with your new one. Then simply adjust its chain length according to instructions to ensure it has enough slack to completely seal the hole at the bottom of your tank but is still tight enough that flushing your toilet can raise the flapper. Once you’ve replaced the flapper, you can replace the tank lid and turn the water back on. Let the tank fill all the way and flush it again to ensure the problem is handled. If that doesn’t take care of it, you may want to call Rocketman Plumbing to come take a look at your toilet for you. We’ll be able to figure out why your toilet is constantly running and take care of it in a flash.

If you’ve noticed a small crack in your toilet tank, you may think it is a simple problem to fix. However, a crack in your toilet tank is a sign that you simply need to get a new toilet. Not only can a crack in your toilet tank lead to water leaks and damage to your bathroom, but it also presents a safety hazard. Most toilets are made of porcelain. When porcelain breaks, it creates sharp shards that can easily cut you. If you are using a toilet with a cracked tank, it’s possible that the toilet could break when you or a member of your family sit on it. This can lead to minor to severe injuries, which is not what you want when you’re simply trying to use the toilet. Repairing the cracks in your toilet tank will not prevent this from happening, it will simply cover up the warning signs. If you have one or more cracks in your toilet tank, call Rocketman Plumbing at (505) 243-1227. We’ll be out to your property in a flash to handle it for you.

A clogged toilet can be an annoying problem, but thankfully it is one of the easiest plumbing issues to fix. The simplest way to fix a clogged toilet is to use a toilet plunger. To use a toilet plunger correctly, first put the rubber cup of the plunger over the hole in the toilet bowl and make sure it has created a good seal. Then, hold onto the handle of the plunger firmly and start pushing down and pulling up with a steady motion until you feel or hear that pressure has been relieved. Often, the water in the toilet bowl will drain out once you have handled the clog. When you’re finished, lift off the plunger and flush away any remaining debris as needed. If plunging does not handle the clog, or if you are constantly having to plunge your toilet due to clogs, it’s time to call Rocketman Plumbing. We’ll be able to unclog your toilet and recommend the proper handling to prevent clogs from recurring. Call us at (505) 243-1227 and we’ll be there in a flash to take care of your clogged toilet.

The cost of toilet repair will vary depending on the type of repair needed. Generally, a basic toilet repair can range from around $100 to $500 for the plumber’s time and the cost of the repairs combined. The repairs themselves often consist of replacing worn out parts such as flappers, fill valves, and flush handles. You can also call us to handle a clogged toilet or redo the wax seal around the base of your toilet if it has gotten old. Toilet installation costs vary as well; however, it typically costs between $400 and $800 to install a new toilet in an existing bathroom. If you need plumbing work done for the installation process, or if you are buying a high-end toilet, then that price may increase significantly. Some of these problems, such as unclogging your toilet or replacing an old flapper, may be easy for you to fix on your own if you are good at looking up and following directions online. For more complex toilet problems, we recommend you call our experts at Rocketman Plumbing. We’ll be there in a flash to take care of your plumbing needs.

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