We are your best choice for a water leak detection company in Albuquerque. We enable you to avoid the frustration of repeated visits to find or repair your water leak. Water leaks can occur in many locations:

  • Inside walls or ceilings
  • In the slab below the house or building
  • In the water main
  • Around sinks, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers
  • Around water heaters
  • In water pipes that freeze
  • In manufacturing facilities
  • Around commercial kitchen appliances

You need water leak repair fast to prevent water damage to your home or business, and to eliminate the possibility of an astronomical water bill.

Early Detection of Water Leaks

The sooner you catch a water leak, the less chance it will have to damage your property. But water leaks are not always obvious. It’s important to know what to look out for in order to keep your property safe and reduce your risk of costly repairs. Some of the most common signs that you have a hidden water leak in your home can include: 

  • A sudden or unexpected increase in your water bill
  • Patches of grass that grow faster and greener in a certain spot in your yard
  • A musty smell may indicate hidden mold
  • Mold growing on your walls or floors
  • Discolored walls or bubbling paint

If you notice any of these signs, call Rocketman Plumbing right away. Our technicians will come out to your house to inspect and find the source of the leak. We’ll be able to tell you where the leak is, what’s causing it, and let you know what it will take to repair. Whether it’s a quick fix or a more complex repair, our technicians will get it done right the first time so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. 

Fast Water Leak Repair

We are in business to help get you back to normal as fast as possible. We send our Albuquerque plumbers out with the equipment they need to detect the source of a hidden water leak. They also have the parts they need to handle the most common water leak problems. Often, the water leak is caused by something simple that can be repaired or replaced easily, such as: 

  • A broken water hose on your washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator (on models that make ice and filter drinking water)
  • A leaking toilet due to an old flange or wax ring
  • Worn-out caulk around your shower, bathtub, or toilet
  • Loose water connections to your appliances
  • Water pressure that is too high, which can damage your water pipes

Some of the more complex repairs may involve replacing water lines or appliances in your home. When you call us to find the cause of your water leak, we will check some of the most common appliances and areas of leaks, which may include: 

  • Water pipes that have corrosion, cracks, clogs, or other damage 
  • The need for a water heater repair or upgrade
  • Old or clogged sump pumps
  • Deteriorated or broken septic tank

Our technicians will inspect your home to find the cause of your water leak and let you know what repairs are needed. If your repair involves equipment replacement, we can provide whatever is needed at a fair price. We will provide you with an accurate estimate as soon as possible after the inspection, and we will work with you to get the leak handled fast to prevent any further damage to your property. 

Water Line Replacement

Your water line will eventually need to be replaced. Over time, environmental factors can erode or damage your water line, including: 

  • Freezing and thawing as the weather changes
  • Movement in the ground
  • Mineral buildup in your pipes
  • Tree roots growing into your water line

If your water line is damaged, you may notice small signs at first. For example, your water can become discolored or your water pressure can go down. The most obvious sign of damage to your water line is if you have an obvious leak, or if you can’t get water to run through your pipes. 

You should call Rocketman Plumbing at the first sign of trouble with your water line in order to avoid a plumbing emergency, which could damage your property. When you call us, our technicians will inspect your water line, find the cause of the damage, and recommend repair or replacement. 

If your water line needs to be replaced entirely, we can get that handled for you as soon as possible. We’ll make sure you know how much time it should take, and we’ll give you a fair estimate on the cost of the replacement. Call us today to schedule your inspection and make sure your water lines are in good operating condition. 

Call for Water Leak Detection and Repair Today

Call Rocketman Plumbing in Albuquerque when you need a water leak detection plumber. We monitor our phone lines 24/7. If you have or suspect a water leak, call any day, any time. We will send a technician to your home or business as soon as possible. Call us now at 505-243-1227.

Water Leak Detection and Repair Frequently Asked Questions

What are signs I might have a water leak?

The most obvious sign of a water leak is if you can see water in your home or business where it shouldn’t be. Wet floors around any appliance or fixture connected to your plumbing (such as your toilet, sink, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) are a sign that you have some kind of water leak. You may also notice discoloration, mold growth, or other damage if you have a leaking pipe in your wall, floor, or ceiling. This can include warped laminate or wood flooring, wet or mildewy spots on your carpet, peeling or sagging paint or wallpaper, and water stains on your ceiling. Another common sign of a water leak is an unusually high water bill. If you know that you haven’t been using more water than you normally do, a higher water bill is a good indicator that you have a leak. You might also notice that you suddenly have lower water pressure than you usually do, which is another sign that you have a water leak somewhere on your property. If you notice any of these signs, call Rocketman Plumbing at (505) 243-1227. We’ll come locate and handle your water leak in a flash to prevent damage to your home or business.

Yes, if you have a water leak, it will increase the cost of your water bill. In fact, an increased water bill is one of the first and most common signs that you have a water leak in your home or business. This is because the water will continue to run even when you aren’t using it, which gets tracked by your water meter and billed by your water company. An easy way to check if you have a water leak is to use your water meter. First, make sure you don’t have any running water in your property. Turn off all sinks, appliances, anything that could be using water. Next, find your water meter and write down the numbers on the dial. Leave your water off for about an hour, then go back out and check the meter again. If the numbers are higher, you most likely have a water leak. If you aren’t sure where your water meter is, or if you want a professional to come look for a water leak, give Rocketman a call at (505) 243-1227. Our technicians will be out to your property in a flash to determine if you have a water leak, locate it if you do, and repair it fast so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

If you haven’t noticed any obvious signs of a water leak (such as a high water bill, low water pressure, unusual mold growth, water stains on your walls or ceiling, warped tile or wood floors, or mildewy smells), you most likely don’t have to worry about a water leak. If you want to be proactive about checking for water leaks, it would be a good idea to inspect your plumbing and connected appliances for wear and tear at least once per year. Once you get familiar with how your pipes, valves, etc. usually look, you should be able to notice issues like cracks or corrosion more easily. If you’d rather leave it to a professional, you can always call Rocketman Plumbing at (505) 243-1227. We can do annual inspections of your plumbing system to make sure your pipes and valves are in working order. With routine inspections and maintenance, your home will be much safer from potential water leaks, burst pipes, and other problems that can cause water damage to your property. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection of your plumbing system for your peace of mind.

Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost to repair a water leak or replace any property damaged from a water leak depends on your specific insurance policy and the cause of the damage. In general, homeowner’s insurance will cover damage caused by a singular event, such as a frozen or burst water pipe or a malfunctioning appliance. Most homeowner’s insurance will not cover water leaks caused by issues that could have been prevented with routine maintenance or those caused by the age of your plumbing system. You will need to check your homeowner’s insurance policy to determine when your provider will cover water leaks and when they won’t. If your insurance doesn’t cover water leaks, you may want to talk to your insurance agent to see if there is a supplemental policy you can add to your plan that will help cover the costs associated with water leaks. Even if you don’t have insurance, you can always call Rocketman Plumbing to come take care of your water leaks. Call us at (505) 243-1227 and we’ll be there in a flash.

There isn’t really an average cost for water leak repairs because a water leak can be caused by many different factors and occur in many different locations. For example, you could have a water leak under your slab foundation, in which case we need to break through concrete to locate and repair the leaking pipes. Or you could have a water leak coming from your toilet or sink, which is much more easily accessible and thus faster to repair. In addition to the location of your water leak, another factor that changes the price is how bad the leak is. Regardless of how easy or complex your water leak is, our experts at Rocketman Plumbing can handle it for you with fast repairs done right. Our technicians will be able to give you an estimate for the cost of the repairs once we inspect your plumbing and find the cause of the leak. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so if you have a water leak, you can always call us at (505) 243-1227 and we’ll be out to your home or business in a flash to take care of it for you.

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