We’re ready to get right to work to provide swamp cooler repair for Albuquerque residents and businesses. These evaporative coolers require servicing to get them running in the spring and shut down properly in the fall. We have the expertise and equipment to perform these seasonal conversions quickly.Regular maintenance can help ensure that you don’t suffer a midsummer breakdown that leaves you or your business sweltering. We will replace the pads, check for leaks and ensure your fan and motor are in good operating condition.

Swamp Cooler vs. Refrigerated Air

A swamp cooler has a water line that feeds water into porous pads lining the walls of the cooler. Then a fan inside the cooler draws outside air through the pads. As the outside air passes through the wet pads, evaporation cools this air which is then circulated through the home. Refrigerated air is described below.If there is any rust or corrosion, if it’s just not cooling enough, or it’s feeling its age, we can install a new system in a flash.

Refrigerated Cooling

A refrigerated cooling system uses a chemical that, as it changes from a liquid to a gas and back again, chills air that is then circulated through your home. We can inspect, repair or replace that system, too. It’s very smart to have your refrigerated system cleaned and inspected at the beginning of our hot-weather season.

We Value Our Albuquerque Customers

If your swamp cooler needs repair or replacement, we’ll show you exactly why, answer your questions and provide an affordable estimate of the cost. Our Albuquerque heating and cooling technicians are known for their courteous, professional and friendly manner on every job. Please contact us now if you have concerns about swamp cooler repair in an Albuquerque residence or business.

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