How Plumbing Inspections Can Save Homebuyers Money

Today, I’m going to answer some questions about how a plumbing inspection can save you money when you’re buying a house.

How important is it to have a plumbing inspector inspect the plumbing in the house before you close the sale? It’s quite important.

You don’t want to have just the plumbing inspected, in fact. You want to have a fully qualified inspector look at everything. That’s because whenever you’re buying a house, you’re looking for anything to enable you to negotiate the price a little bit.

Vital Plumbing Inspections Under an Older House

If you’ve got an older house that has a crawl space underneath, it’s very important for an inspector to crawl underneath that house and see what the condition of the water lines are, what condition the sewer lines are in.

If the house is 60 years old and it has old galvanized water lines or old cast iron sewer lines, the inspector can look and see if there’s been any repairs done on these lines. If they have been repaired, that means there’s going to be more problems with them. It might be time to re-plumb both the water lines and sewer lines.

Have Your Appliances Inspected as Well as Plumbing

You also need to get inspections of your furnaces, hot water heaters and air conditioners, all your major appliances. If they need to be replaced, then you can negotiate with the seller of the house. Either they will deduct the replacement or repair cost off the cost of the house so you can fix it or he can fix it before you agree to buy it. Either way, it’s a very good thing to get all these inspections done before buying.

You’re making one of the biggest investments people make in their lives. You might as well save any money you can and get the seller to pay for any needed replacements or repairs. When you need a thorough inspection of a house you’re about to buy, call us at 505-375-6602 and we’ll get there fast.