How to Avoid Clogged Sinks and Expensive Repairs

Today, I’m going to answer your question about how to avoid clogging sinks that will then require expensive repairs. This advice applies to sinks, but also, of course, to a bathtub or shower.

Preventing Clogs in Bathtubs and Showers

With bathtubs and showers, the clog almost always results from hair. If you’re a fellow like me, you’re losing your hair and it goes down the drain. Then it catches in one spot, one location in your sewer line.

The best way to solve that problem is to simply put a little wire hair catcher in both your bathroom sinks and the shower. Then every week or so, you just simply remove it and clean it out. That stops that hair going down the line, and that prevents that drain from backing up.

Keeping Kitchen Sinks Open and Flowing

With kitchen sinks, the solution is different. Lots of people have garbage disposals. Many people take the term “garbage disposal” a little too literally. They dispose of a lot more stuff down their garbage disposal than they should.

There’s a basic rule to keeping your sink unclogged. You clean the plate off in the trash and the little bit that’s leftover should go through the garbage disposal. That’s no problem.

Lots of people dump coffee grounds down their garbage disposals. That also creates problems so don’t do it.

I could give you a list of stuff people put down their garbage disposals that should never go down the disposal. Every time there’s a backup, it’s expensive. Just by paying a little closer attention to what you put down, it will save you money.

Preventing Clogs in Toilets, Too

It’s also important to know how to prevent sewer line clogs that can result from items flushed down the toilet. There are several things you don’t want to put down your toilet that I see all the time when I’m cleaning out sewer lines.

  • Tampons: I know, the companies say you can flush them but don’t do it. Ever.
  • Paper towels: They will cause the line to back up.
  • Flushable wipes: I’ve been cleaning them out of sewer lines for 35 years so I know that they are not really flushable. So don’t flush them. You’ll save yourself time and money.
  • Baby wipes: Flushing them down the toilet is a quick, fast way to get rid of them, but if you do this constantly, you’ll probably be seeing me or another plumber to clean out your main sewer line.

If you avoid these actions that clog your sewer lines, your drains will run clean and you will save money. If you do get a sewer line clog, I have the best sewer technicians in the state. Give us a call and we can get help to you fast.