How to Spot a Gas Leak in Your Home and What Action to Take

Most people think that gas has a stinky, “rotten egg” smell. Actually has no smell at all, but because a gas leak in a home or business can be deadly, a stinky chemical is added to the residential and commercial gas supplies so gas leaks can be detected.

It is VITAL for you to know how to identify a gas leak in your home and to know what action to take to keep yourself, your family, your pets and even your neighbors safe!

What Can Happen if There Is a Gas Leak?

Gas is explosive. If it builds up in a home and there’s any kind of electrical spark, the resulting explosion can level the house and even nearby structures. Even a small thing like turning on a light or plugging in an appliance can be sufficient to ignite the gas accumulation.

How to Tell if There’s a Gas Leak

There are three ways you can tell:

  1. You smell a rotten egg odor. NEVER IGNORE THIS SMELL. The gas can build up to toxic or even deadly levels, even if it does not explode.
  2. You might hear the hissing or high-pitched sound of gas escaping from an appliance.
  3. Outdoors, dead vegetation or discolored soil can indicate a leak in a pipeline.

What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak

If you think you may have a gas leak, do not hesitate to remove your family and pets from the house and call Rocketman Plumbing immediately! In the meantime, don’t let anyone in the vicinity of the home smoke or strike matches, and don’t turn on lights or open the garage door until the emergency has been completely handled by a professional.

Not every plumber is qualified to safely work with gas lines, but our Albuquerque emergency plumbers at Rocketman Plumbing in Albuquerque are fully trained and licensed to repair gas lines and are ready to come to your location to keep you and your family safe.

Rocketman Plumbing will arrive at any hour, day or night to help you. Call us at (505) 243-1227 and we will have someone on the way quickly.

In the event that the plumber cannot get to you soon enough, immediately call the gas company and 911.

How We Handle the Problem

First, we’ll shut off the gas to halt the immediate issue. Next, we’ll perform a detailed inspection to pinpoint exactly where the gas is escaping. Then, we will quickly repair the problem until it’s fully handled and no longer poses a threat to your household. Another inspection will then be performed to ensure that it is safe. Often times, if there is a leak, the gas company will even remove your meter until they can inspect the repairs and know that it is safe to have gas again.

And remember, never turn your gas back on by yourself. Always let a trained, qualified person turn it back on after the cause of the gas leak has been repaired and an inspection verifies that there is no leak.

The staff at Rocketman Plumbing in Albuquerque know that finding and repairing the source of a gas leak is extremely urgent. Whenever you call us, rest assured that we will have a qualified, experienced technician on his way to your home. Protecting your family’s lives and your home are our highest priorities in this situation. Give us a call at (505) 243-1227.