6 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

Hi, I’m Kyle Metcalf, the owner of Rocketman Plumbing in Albuquerque. Everyone gets a water bill each month and it’s probably bigger than you’d wish. Here are a few easy things you can do to reduce your water consumption and save some money.

Simple Ways to Fix Water Waste

  1. Check for any leaky faucets. Go around your home and look for leaky faucets, and fix as necessary.
  2. Inspect your hose bibs. Go outside, see if they leak or are dripping, and fix them as necessary.
  3. Check all toilets. If your toilet goes on and off randomly, there’s a leak. Replace the flapper.
  4. Set your washer for smaller loads. A small load doesn’t need a full machine of water.
  5. Take more showers than baths. Showers save more water than baths, and shorter showers save even more.
  6. Manage your sprinklers. Set them to run for just 10-15 minutes, two or three times a week.

Check Your Water Meter for Leaks

Your water meter is a good tool to check for leaks that you might not be aware of. In many instances, you can remove the cover. When you do, you’ll probably see a little red triangle on the dial. That triangle indicates when water is flowing through the meter.

If the triangle is not moving, you’re good when it comes to leaks. If it’s spinning, but no water is running in the house, you may have a water leak.

If you’re a little nervous dealing with your meter, we’re happy to come out and help you check.

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