Never Flush These Items Down Your Toilet

Hi, I’m Kyle Metcalf, the owner of Rocketman Plumbing in Albuquerque. Today, I’m going to talk about something simple: what not to flush down your toilet. You have the obvious things that you know shouldn’t go down the toilet, like car keys or cell phones. If you have a little kid, they’ve got all these little toys and sometimes those get put into the toilet and flushed.

But some other things shouldn’t be flushed.

Three Things Never to Flush Down the Toilet

  • Baby wipes: These are notorious because they don’t dissolve at all. Because of that, they have a tendency to plug up toilets.
  • Tampons: They will clog it up, often gathering in one spot down the line and requiring a plumber to unclog.
  • Flushable wipes: While it says “flushable” right on the box, that’s a lie; you can definitely have backups.

What to Know About Toilet Paper

You can have backups with any kind of paper product that doesn’t dissolve well. If you often have to use a plunger or call a plumber, stay away from that thick, extra soft bathroom tissue. Just like paper towels, it doesn’t dissolve and frequently plugs up toilets.

Instead, go to a dollar store and buy the cheapest toilet paper they sell. It dissolves 100 percent and doesn’t clog your toilet.

Simple Ways to Unclog A Toilet

Most people have a toilet plunger in the bathroom. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t.

There’s another tool called a “closet auger,” a cable that goes all the way through your toilet. These are better at clearing clogs than just a plunger. You can get a decent one for thirty or thirty-five bucks, which is a lot cheaper than having a plumber come out. Using the auger to clear a clog usually takes just a few minutes. Then you test it by using a bunch of toilet paper and flushing it three or four times to make sure it’s working well.

If it still backs up, a plumber may pull the toilet and turn it upside down. Lots of times we find a kid’s toy at the bottom that’s causing it not to flush the way it should.

If you still have toilet problems, you may need a better toilet. We’re happy to help, and we’re toilet experts. Get in touch at (505) 209-8932 and ask about a free estimate.