Warning Signs Your Sewer Line Needs to Be Replaced

Rocketman Plumbing here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers fast repairs done right. We handle your residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing needs to keep your home or business running smoothly all year long. Today we’re going to talk about your sewer lines and whether or not you might need them replaced.

Backed Up Sewer Lines

A sign that you have a problem is your sewer lines back up on you occasionally, and you have to have them cleaned out. If this happens once, it’s no big deal. But when it starts happening several times a year or every other month, that means it’s time to have it looked at.

Now, you might not necessarily need to have the whole house replumbed. Instead, it’s good to have a set of cleanouts. This will enable us to run the machine to clean out your sewer lines, and it will also let us run our camera down your sewer line to see what condition it’s in. Your sewer line might have just one problem in one little section of the pipe and the rest might be fine.

Benefits of a Sewer Scope Camera

Our camera inspection will tell us what the condition of your pipe is, as well as what kind of material that pipe is made out of. If the house is very old, it could be made of clay, asbestos, or cement. It could also be something called Orangeburg, which was made during and after World War II, which is tar paper. Or it could be black ABS or white PVC material.

Another benefit of the camera inspection is if you have roots in your sewer line. Even if we clean them out, those roots are going to grow back no matter what you do. So our camera can help us decide if you need a sewer line repair or if you need a whole sewer line replacement.

Also, if you have a bad smell and you don’t know why, but it smells like sewer, it’s time for us to come out and inspect your lines, find out why there’s a bad smell, and fix the problem so you can go on without that smell.

Signs of a Water Leak

Water leaks can also indicate that your sewer lines need to be replaced. The number one indicator is your water bill going up when you’re not using any more water than you usually do. That is definitely a sign that you have a water leak.

Another sign is if you have a lawn and there’s one spot in your yard where the grass is a lot greener than the rest. That is a sign that is getting constant moisture, and usually that would be from a water leak.

Keep an eye on green spots or wet spots in your yard and keep an eye on how much your water bill is every month. If either one of those things become an issue, give us a call and we’ll come out and take care of it for you.

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