What to Do as Soon as You See an Increase in Your Water Bill

It’s common for people to ask me what they should do if they notice an increase in their water bill. Let’s say you get your water bill and it has skyrocketed to a number way higher than the month before or way above what you normally pay for your water bill. What should you do?

Checking for Leaks that Might Boost Your Water Bill

A suddenly-increasing bill is a sign that you might have a water leak. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a water leak but this is the first thing to check out.

Before you call a plumber, here’s what you or somebody should do.

  1. Just walk around inside your house. Make sure no toilets are running and no faucets are dripping.
  2. Make sure the hose bibs outside your home aren’t on.
  3. Look at your sprinkler system and check the heads to see if any little bit of water is coming out of them.

The Next Step: Checking the Water Meter

If you did all that and you didn’t see any problems, you’ll need to check out the water meter. Here are the steps to take.

  1. Go out to the street where your water meter is. Take a flashlight and screwdriver. Sometimes you will need that screwdriver to take the lid off. Now remember, there could be spiders or cockroaches in there so be ready.
  2. On the dial, there’s a little red triangle and that little red triangle is very, very sensitive to any water leak. Even if you just have a little leak, it will be moving slowly. To ensure it’s working, turn on a faucet and look how fast it’s spinning with a faucet on. It spins pretty fast. But if that red triangle is not moving, you do not have an active water leak.

There can be other reasons for a high water bill that do not call for a leak repair. Maybe the water company adjusted your bill. Maybe someone left a hose bib on in the backyard overnight. There could be lots of reasons. But if that little dial is not spinning, you do not have a water leak.

If you do find a leak or you still need help finding out why your water bill has jumped up, call us. We can help you find the source of the problem and fix it fast.