When It’s Time to Call a Technician for Your Water-Based Radiant Heating

Today we’re going to talk about radiant heat in your house. Now, radiant heat is when you have a boiler and that boiler heats up water. There are different valves that open and shut, depending on a call for heat. Water circulates through your floor, and the heat radiates up through your floor. 

It’s one of the most efficient heating systems there are, but like anything, you can have problems with it. You want to make sure the boiler is working correctly. 

Common Problems with Radiant Heat Systems (and How We Fix Them)

Lots of these radiant heat systems have different zones. You might have three or four or even more thermostats, one for each section of the house that this boiler will radiate heat from. And if you have one room that’s getting cold and doesn’t seem to be heating up like the rest of the house, the zone valve (which would be very close to your boiler) could be malfunctioning. It might need to be replaced. 

Another problem you can have is that once in a while, a radiant heat floor will develop a leak. This requires busting out your floor, finding the leak, and repairing it. That’s unfortunate when that happens, and it can cost a little bit of money. 

Why Choose Rocketman Plumbing?

The bottom line is that Rocketman Plumbing can service your boiler to make sure it’s up and running. We can make sure all your zone valves are working properly. We can make sure all your thermostats are working properly. I hope you have no problems, but if you do, you know who to call.

Give us a call at (505) 243-1227. and we will work to resolve a problem as economically as possible for our customer.