Why Homebuyers Should Insist on Sewer Line Inspections

Hello, this is Kyle with Rocketman Plumbing, and today’s tip has to do with anyone who is looking at buying a home. This is my advice to you. 

I am suggesting that if you’re in the process of buying a home, before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the sewer line gets camera scoped. In other words, they run a camera down the whole sewer line and inspect the condition of the sewer line. 

Why Is a Sewer Line Inspection So Important?

The reason you want to do this before you buy a home is because if there are problems with that sewer line, that is a negotiating point for buying the home. In other words, you might be able to get the price reduced if the homeowner repairs it, or you can get the price reduced and you can repair it after you buy the home. But it’s a very good thing. 

If you need a whole new sewer line, it can be very expensive. And it’s good to know what condition the lines are in before you buy your home. This is Kyle with Rocketman Plumbing, and have a great day. If you have any questions call Rocketman Plumbing at 505-375-6602. Thank you.