Warning Signs Your Sewer Line Is Backing Up

Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about sewer lines and backups and signs that you’re about to have a problem with your sewer line backing up, and may need a sewer line repair

The Most Common Signs of a Backed-Up Sewer Line

One sign is that you could flush a toilet, and normally it goes swirl, swirl, swish and it’s gone. One sign that it could be backing up is if you hear some bubbling coming back out when you flush your toilet. It bubbles and gurgles, and that’s a sign you’re about to have a problem.

Another sign is right at the base of your toilet. If you see water on your floor at the base of the toilet, that’s also a pretty good sign that your sewer line is backing up. 

And then you have your really obvious signs, such as your sinks won’t drain. Or most people find out they really have a problem when they do a big load of laundry. That big load of laundry backs up behind the washer, or it comes up in the kitchen sink, or it comes up in the shower and it makes a mess. Then you really know — that’s a very sure sign you’ve got a sewer line problem.

We’ll Be There When You Need Us!

If you notice any of these problems, please call Rocketman Plumbing at (505) 243-1227. We’ll come out, and we’ll take care of it. We can also run our camera in to see what the problems are and take care of it so it doesn’t continue happening. You might also be interested in seeing how a sewer line scoping works! Check out my video demonstrating an actual sewer line scoping at a client site.