What You Should Know About Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Today we’re going to talk about carbon monoxide detectors. 

Why Do I Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

Now, the reason you want a carbon monoxide detector in your house is it can be your furnace, it can be your hot water heater, and it can even be your stove. Basically, any appliance that runs on gas burns that gas, and it’s vented out through your house. Through that vent, it throws out carbon monoxide

If an appliance is running well and there are no problems with it, they still put out carbon monoxide. If they’re not calibrated, or there is a problem, they put out a lot of carbon monoxide, but this is still vented out through your house.

What Type of Carbon Monoxide Detector Should I Use?

The type that I recommend to people is the kind that just plugs into an outlet in a hallway. There’s a type that not only plugs in but it also has an extra set of batteries. Say if your electricity goes out, if you have a wall furnace or a floor furnace, your furnace could still work. What I’m getting at is it’s a backup if you have one that runs on both electricity and batteries. 

It’s very important. You want to keep yourself safe and you want to keep your family safe. And for the expense of what this costs, it’s well worth it. Call Rocketman Plumbing today at (505) 243-1227 to schedule an inspection for your gas or electrical appliances.