What Is a Furnace Inspection, and Why Do You Need One?

Today we’re going to talk about furnace inspections and why you should get one.

What Exactly Is a Furnace Inspection?

Basically, a furnace inspection is done to ensure that your furnace is working properly and make sure there are no unsafe conditions about it. Also, furnaces need to be cleaned and filters need to be checked. 

You need to be able to do a carbon monoxide test on the furnace to make sure it’s not putting out carbon monoxide. This is very, very important. But also it is important just to check how the furnace itself is running.

What If My Furnace Is Brand New?

Sometimes you can buy a furnace, and let’s say you bought it from some place that was at sea level. It could have been brought here, and where the gas jets shoot into your furnace, the orifice (the hole inside those gas jets) needs to be calibrated for the elevation that you live in. 

Say here in Albuquerque, they set it for about 5,000 to 5,500 feet. It’s just a different size hole that allows the correct amount of gas to go through for the atmosphere. 

What Does Rocketman Plumbing Do in a Furnace Inspection?

What we do is we look at it. If you have a really nice blue, pretty flame that’s not jumping around, it’s probably calibrated just right. 

If the flame is really yellow, it either needs to just be cleaned or it could have the wrong size orifices in it. We check that. 

We also check to make sure your thermostat is working correctly. We do this with a gauge that says what temperature the room is when the furnace shuts off. And we can calibrate that also.

Call Us for a Furnace Inspection Today!

If you’re selling a home, it’s very good to have that furnace inspected. If you’re buying a home, you definitely want to have all major appliances inspected to make sure there are no problems with them.

Whether you need routine inspection and maintenance or you have a furnace repair emergency, you can count on us to get your home or business returned to comfortable operation as soon as possible. Please call Rocketman Plumbing today at (505) 243-1227.