Why Your Water Takes So Long to Heat Up and What to Do About It

Today we’re going to talk a little bit about your hot water and why it might take a long time to get hot water to, let’s say, take a shower in the morning.

The Size of the Water Line (and a Fast Solution)

One thing that can cause a hot water heater to take a long time for you to get hot water depends on whether it runs in either a three-quarter inch or even a one-inch line. When you run a bigger line, obviously that whole line has to fill up, and it takes a lot longer to get hot water to a far location than it would if it was just run in a half-inch line.

Now, one simple thing you can do to get instant hot water is put a hot water circulating pump on top of your hot water heater. Then you have instant hot water throughout your house. There are several different ways of doing that. 

When You Might Need to Replace Your Water Heater

But also another problem could occur. Let’s say if your hot water heater is gurgling and making a lot of noise and maybe it’s 10 to 25 years old, the hot water heater gets lined with calcium. It has a buildup in the bottom of the hot water heater, and it very well might be time to get a new hot water heater. 

Whatever your problems are, we would love to come to your house and solve them for you. Please give us a call at (505) 243-1227 and we will work to replace your water heater as economically as possible. Thank you very much.