When to Replace Your Swamp Cooler with Refrigerated Air

Do you use a swamp cooler to keep your house comfortable in the summer months? If so, you’re in good company—swamp coolers are popular in Albuquerque, NM, because they are cheaper than refrigerated air. But in some cases, it might be worth the investment to switch to refrigerated air. In fact, some people would be healthier and happier with cooled air systems in their homes. 

Should You Switch to Refrigerated Air?

If you haven’t considered switching your swamp cooler out for an air conditioning system, here are five reasons why you should: 

1. People with chronic medical conditions are more vulnerable to extreme heat. 

Living with a chronic medical condition can be challenging, especially during the hot summer months. According to the CDC, people with certain health conditions (such as obesity, heart disease, or poor circulation) are more vulnerable to extreme heat and its associated dangers. A swamp cooler can help reduce that risk by a small amount, but during a summer heatwave, the temperature inside your home can still reach dangerous levels. 

This is especially true if it’s over 50% humidity outside. When that happens, your swamp cooler will only be able to lower the temperature in your house by 10 degrees–so on a 95-degree day, the inside of your home will be at least 85 degrees. This puts you or your loved ones at risk of heat stroke and dehydration. 

Installing a refrigerated air system in your home can help to keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days. Not only do these systems provide optimal cooling power, but they also help ensure that your home is free from moisture and humidity, which adds further protection from the heat. 

2. Swamp coolers add moisture to the air, increasing your chances of mold. 

There are a lot of things to consider when thinking about whether you should replace your swamp cooler with an air conditioner. On the one hand, swamp coolers do provide some benefits, such as reducing the need for electricity and helping to regulate moisture levels in your home. However, one of their biggest drawbacks is that they can contribute to mold, mildew, and fungus growth. 

The constant flow of moistened air that comes from a swamp cooler creates the perfect conditions for these types of spores to thrive, potentially leading to health problems for you and your family. With an air conditioner, the risk of unwanted mold and mildew is nearly eliminated because refrigerated air is not moist like the air from a swamp cooler.  

3. Refrigerated air systems have excellent air filtration to reduce allergens. 

When it comes to keeping the air in your home clean and healthy, nothing beats a good air conditioner. Compared to swamp coolers, which can add allergens like mold and mildew to your environment, refrigerated cooling uses excellent air filtration systems that help clean the air to keep allergens at bay. For anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies or other respiratory issues, using a high-quality air conditioner can make all the difference in improving your comfort and well-being. 

4. An air conditioner adds value to your home. 

If you’re looking to add value to your home and increase your selling price, then it may be time to consider replacing your swamp cooler with a refrigerated air system. Compared to a traditional swamp cooler, a refrigerated system offers many benefits, including better temperature control and greater efficiency. Additionally, turning away from traditional cooling methods can be better for the environment, which is a big selling point for many new buyers. 

5. With refrigerated air, you can be in control of your comfort at home. 

Refrigerated air systems are the superior choice if you are looking for maximum control and comfort at home. Unlike swamp coolers, refrigerated air systems give you the ability to create your ideal temperature with just the push of a button. Not only that, but these systems also offer other advanced features such as pre-programmable timers and digital displays, allowing you to have total control of your home’s temperature with ease. 

Refrigerated air systems also work more quickly and efficiently than swamp coolers do, allowing you to tailor your home’s temperature to best fit your needs. Plus, these systems are designed to run quietly and efficiently, making your home a peaceful paradise in the summer heat. 

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